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Shoes not only cover your feet, but the kind of shoes you choose to wear also reflects your personality. Studies show that people often perceive other’s personalities based on the shoes they wear. For example, people often perceive women wearing bright-colored shoes as extroverts and those wearing neutral-colored shoes as extroverts.

In fact, some claim that people can judge your character, personality, age, and income with great accuracy from the kind of ladies footwear you choose to wear. Therefore, wearing the right sandals or shoes to the right place is important to create favorable first impressions since wearing the ladies footwear can lead to awkward moments. For example, wearing high heels to the beach instead of flip flops or chappals can cause problems while walking as the heels might sink into the sand and cause you to lose balance and fall. 


In fact, the color of your footwear is also important. Choose dark or neutral colored ladies boots for formal events or office, while you can go for bold colored wedge sandals or high heels for evening parties and dinners. 


Piecez brings you the latest collection in women’s footwear, whether you are looking for casual ladies footwear, flip flops, sandals, flat shoes, sneakers, ladies boots, or rain sandals for women, so that you can buy the best women’s footwear online. 

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